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Chuck Little, CDT, is proud to announce not only being in business for more than 21 years but also his creation of artistic tooth fairies—small one-of-a-kind porcelain figurines constructed from thin gauge wax wire and then cast out of precious metal using the lost wax technique. Mr. Little said each piece takes special steps to construct by hand—the same as building specialized crowns, bridges and implants for his dental customers.

“The original idea for creating these porcelain fairies came from the constant reference to the tooth fairy when I tried to explain the responsibilities of a dental technician,” said Mr. Little. “Our work is very important for the health and aesthetics of people that we are constructing dental crowns for and I take it very seriously. The tooth fairies are a fun compliment to that work.” ~Chuck Little, CDT

If you would like more information about Chuck’s artistry please contact him through email at or call him directly at 970.259.3787.


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